[1Pondo 061011_112] Yuuna Ozawa – A Decade Of Love


A video celebrating the 10th anniversary of 1pondo. Yuna and Kei are childhood friends who have lived in the same neighborhood since elementary school and have been together ever since Yuna moved to this town ten years ago. They have been living together ever since Yuna moved to this town 10 years ago. Now they are like a family, going back and forth to each other’s houses without any hesitation, but Yuna has a secret: For the past 10 years, he has been secretly in love with Dia. Ten years after their first encounter, she finally couldn’t hide her feelings anymore and finally made a big decision to confess her feelings to Dia. Will Yuna’s feelings of ten years reach her? What is the answer to her sudden confession? This is a slightly sad, slightly sweet, and still very pleasant sexual spring love story.

JAV Model: Yuuna Ozawa