[1pondo 052811_104] RICA – We’re going to have sex all today


This is the first time I’ve ever seen two lovers having sex in front of each other. Please enjoy the sweet sex with RICA in subjective images.

Today’s date was unfortunately rainy. I was a little late for the meeting, and I was wondering if RICA was upset, when she suddenly kissed me. She’s so cute, I think I’m going to die. Let’s go for a drive right away. Let’s go for a drive and be alone together. I pulled over to the side of the road and started to play with her breasts.

This silly conversation is only possible between lovers. I couldn’t scratch RICA’s G-spot on the shoulder, so we had to go home. But my craving didn’t last long enough to get home, so we took a detour. On a fire escape, I sprayed my sperm into RICA’s mouth and she said, “I love you so much!

I’m going to go home and have sex as soon as I can.